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Children’s HopeChest

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Provides holistic care to nearly 18,000 orphans and vulnerable children in nine countries with food, clean water, education, discipleship, job skills, medical, and other needs.

Program Overview

The orphaned and vulnerable child outreach of HopeChest is divided into three types of programming: Immediate Relief, Christian Discipleship, and Transitional Living.


  1. Immediate Relief & Ongoing Development: HopeChest supports over 100 CarePoints in 8 countries. Development plans include projects such as well drilling, kitchen construction, new school classrooms, water purification and storage systems, and medical clinics. Long-term plans include helping the community develop self-sufficiency through livestock programs and agricultural developments.
  2. Christian Discipleship: There are over 100 orphanages and CarePoints receiving regular discipleship visits that are reaching over 20,000 children on an annual basis. Disciplers are equipped to teach basic character education rooted in biblical principles.
  3. Transitional Living: Children’s HopeChest serves older orphans in Russia and Ethiopia through three distinct programs – YOUNG MOTHERS (Russia):


The Young Mothers Program is comprised of several elements designed to create a framework for successful family life: life skills, job skills, housekeeping skills, child development activities, medical needs, and physical needs.


FAMILY CENTERS (Russia) – The primary objective of the Family Center program is to increase the number of Russian orphans who can become leaders and models to their peers by transitioning to successful adults through social adjustment and successful integration into an independent life.


INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM (Ethiopia): provides professional transitional living programs for older orphans which help them create skills they need to live a successful adult life;  cooking, cleaning, budgeting, communication skills, and using the public transportation system in their region.