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Healing children with treatable conditions in underserved countries around the world through surgical care and the life-changing message of God’s love.

Program Overview

CURE’s commitment to serve disabled children and their families consists of three interwoven pillars of care:


  • Physical Healing: At CURE, we believe that curing a disability eliminates a major obstacle to overcoming the challenges of growing up in resource-poor countries and contributes to the alleviation of poverty for the family of that child.
  • Spiritual Ministry: CURE develops a culturally sensitive approach to spiritual ministry at each of its hospital locations. Countries throughout the developing world with varying faith backgrounds have different names for children suffering from disabilities, but they all amount to the same thing: cursed. CURE works with children, their families, and their communities to not only understand the medical reasons behind the child’s physical condition, but that there is a God that loves them.
  • Medical Training: Since the opening of CURE’s first hospital in Kenya in 1998, Dr. Harrison designed the organization for sustainability. He quickly realized that CURE would not be successful in the long term without the most critical part of health care…trained medical professionals. With that in mind, each CURE hospital has been physically and operationally designed to be a teaching hospital, dedicated to training national medical practitioners. To date, CURE International has trained more than 7,200 national medical professionals.


To date, CURE has provided life-changing care during more than 2.8 million outpatient visits, while literally transforming the lives of disabled children through more than 204,000 surgeries and witnessing more than 150,000 expressions of faith.