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Global Aid Network

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Expresses the love of Jesus Christ among impoverished or displaced people by addressing their most basic needs: water, food, health, clothing, and more.

Program Overview

Water – desperate shortages of safe, clean water are the most significant source of suffering and disease on earth. Even the water that is available is often contaminated and leads to severe health issues.

To combat these completely preventable diseases, Global Aid Network has established a WaSH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) program to meet the needs of people in underdeveloped regions. Using an integrated approach to community health improvement, GAiN works with the community leadership in the regions in need to develop and carry out clean water projects along with hygiene and sanitation training in the most effective way.

What we do:

  • Water: wells, rain catchments, spring boxes, and point of use water filters
  • Sanitation: construction of latrines and toilets
  • Hygiene: health and hygiene training in conjunction with the water and sanitation projects


Food – all around the globe, hunger and malnutrition claims lives and cripples communities. The United Nations reports that childhood hunger is responsible for the deaths of 6.5 million children under the age of five each year. While famine and natural disasters account for much of this suffering, the greatest cause of widespread hunger is human violence.

Through the donations of faithful individuals, caring companies, and diligent partners worldwide, much of the food necessary to meet the need is available for delivery. GAiN works with local partners to deliver and distribute the food and supplies to communities that need it most.

In 2012, the GAiN Food Program provided children and their families with lifesaving food aid, totaling more than 13 million meals. In 2010, we developed the Seed Harvest Program as a tool to help address the problem of world hunger by giving families hope through seeds. By sending a variety pack of seeds to people in agricultural countries, Global Aid Network enables individuals to plant small plots that will grow food to feed their families for four to six months.

Health – in many places around the world, healthcare workers don’t have adequate supplies of medicine, medical supplies, and equipment. Consequently, people suffer from medical conditions that are otherwise treatable or even preventable.

The Global Aid Network Health Program equips healthcare workers, clinics, and hospitals with medicine, disposable medical supplies (such as gloves, syringes, bandages, etc.), medical equipment, and hygiene kits. Short-term trips bring medical professionals to serve in remote places, where neglected or forgotten people receive health, dental, and eye care. Deliveries of vitamins and hygiene kits help prevent diseases.

Care – having met the immediate needs of clean water, nutritious food, and medical treatment, impoverished or displaced people need help building a better and brighter future–especially after wars or natural disasters have left them with nothing.

That’s why GAiN and our partners throughout the developing world provide shelter, blankets, clothing, shoes, school supplies, and other items necessary for rebuilding households and communities.