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Kids Around the World

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Builds safe playgrounds and distributes food for children around the world. Trains and provides special materials for teachers to share the Bible with children.

Program Overview

Christian workers training:

Kids Around the World is excited to announce new training for those who work with children in Oral Cultures: KIDStory – creating environments that reach and disciple kids for Jesus Christ through Bible Storying training. Fun, interactive ways to hear, learn and retell God’s Word to include games, music, KIDS Storyboards, art and drama. What is Bible Storying? Over 75% of the Bible is written in stories. Over 66% of the people in the world cannot read, so they learn through the spoken word. Of those that can read, most prefer not to. Bible storying is more than just storytelling. It is creating a learning environment that allows the Spirit to work in people’s hearts so they can know God, understand what it means to follow Him, learn His Word and then tell others His story.


We have constructed over 570 playgrounds in 63 countries. On one of our playground builds we had a businessman who asked the question, “Why playgrounds?” We asked him to wait until the end of the build, and then ask the same question. During the week, he saw a team of individuals from different backgrounds, countries, languages and abilities unite together to work for the children. He noticed the involvement of the local people and their ownership as they talked about “their playground”. Every day children would stop by, point at the pieces of equipment and imagine what it would be like in a few days. Every day more children came, this was a first for them. He also noticed the way the community was looking at the partnering organization, the group who brought in the playground. There was a new respect. On Dedication Day, he noticed hundreds of children without much of what this world has to offer, and yet, on this day…they were kids. He noticed the smiles on the faces of moms and dads who try so hard to provide for their children, and yet, today they knew that someone else loved their children, too.

Food Program:

We package nutritious meals that contain rice, soy, 21 vitamins and minerals, and dehydrated vegetables. These meals contain 52% protein, which is lacking in most children’s diets, and thus not only ward off hunger but are a nutritious food which helps recover health. We’ve provided over 16,778,302 meals to Kenya, Jamaica, Philippines, India, Haiti and other areas where hunger needs to be addressed. In 2015 we shipped over 2.5 million meals to those in need.