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Kinship United (Warm Blankets Orphan Care International)


Help transform the lives of children left behind on the battlefields of good and evil. Indigenous pastors and communities provide love, care, and futures.

Program Overview

As a Christian organization, our emphasis is on working with organizations that plant churches that are used both as a church and an orphan home. We continue to focus on refugee camp relief. We provided food and care for many of the refugees in the area. Bible studies and worship services are provided. We provide basic physical care, emotional development, education and spiritual guidance for orphan homes. Curriculum was designed to train caregivers to work with children who have experienced deep trauma. On a case by case basis, we raise funds to provide the emergency care that may be needed for one of the orphans. In a natural progression in educating the kids in the homes we support, AIDS education continues to be a focal subject, not only to the children but also the caregivers. Our main focus continued this year on providing the skills and materials for our homes to become less dependent on donors.