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MAMA Project, Inc.

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Advocates for malnourished children. Promotes and educates about healthy living. Brings medical and dental care and supplies to poor villages of Honduras.

Program Overview

MAMA Project’s work focuses on the prevention of malnutrition through housing mothers and children suffering from malnutrition at the Nutritional Rehabilitation Center.  While there (typically for at least 30 days) mothers receive an education about healthy hygiene and living and their children receive necessary medical attention.  In addition to the Center, we send 10-15 mission teams each year to serve in medical, dental, and construction brigades in poor, remote areas in Central Honduras.  Another Honduras location also has several preschools, community seminars, and educational scholarships.  In Haiti, MAMA helps find sponsors for educational scholarships for students from primary to college-age.  In the recent years, MAMA has been working on Child Survival Trainings.  These trainings will teach community leaders on how to take care of their communities through deworming, healthy drinking water, prevention of malnutrition, vitamin distribution, and other health measures.