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Mexican Medical

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Providing hope for the poor--sharing God's love through medical, dental, and surgical care, and community health programs utilizing Christian medical teams and other volunteers.

Program Overview

Health and Dental Assistance:

MM has developed and supports the operation of six Christian medical facilities in Mexico by providing gifts-in-kind and financial assistance.  MM maintains agency agreements with these non-profit groups to promote quality health care and provides financial assistance for patients with limited resources. These facilities are managed by missionaries, who along with volunteer teams, provide medical care, health education, and surgeries for patients who cannot afford care.  We provide donated medical equipment, reading glasses, and dental care.  In some cases, Mexican Medical gives financial compensation to national doctors and dentists for their day of service at events targeting high-risk populations.  Our volunteer teams consist of doctors, dentists, nurses and non-medical support staff.  Through our mobile clinics, we assist hundreds of individuals per day. We park our mobile medical and dental units in authorized city parks, church parking lots and other community venues.  The local churches help us advertise our services to the people in need.


Support Ministry:

Mexican Medical financially supports missionaries in Mexico that are involved in community development and health education.  These missionaries spread the good news of Jesus Christ while supplying health services without obligation. They also encourage and develop evangelical churches and support local pastors.  MM recruits volunteer groups, providing them the opportunity to serve and work alongside the churches of Mexico and gain cross-cultural missionary experience with the goal of serving the needy.