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Wycliffe Bible Translators

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Millions of people are without Scripture in their own language, or literacy skills. WYCLIFFE translates the Bible into minority languages and teaches literacy classes worldwide.

Program Overview

Working in partnership with others, our services include:

  • Providing Writing Systems — researching translation needs; analyzing languages and cultures; developing writing systems
  • Translation — equipping nationals to help produce a meaning-for-meaning translation of Scripture in their mother tongue
  • Scripture Access — helping communities use their translations in formats that can include written, spoken, Internet, audio and video versions
  • Literacy & Community Development
    • producing primers and other easy-reading material
    • setting up mother-tongue literacy classes
    • translating health and farming information
    • helping nationals undertake small business enterprises

Wycliffe’s work in translating health information includes a program that teaches communities about HIV-AIDS from a book called Kande’s Story. This is a story about AIDS orphans who learn about HIV prevention, caring for those with HIV-AIDS, coping with loss, and making wise life choices. Translations of Kande’s Story have been done for more than 255 languages worldwide. Many sites report real behavior change.

Additionally, education and linguistics specialists and consultants funded by Wycliffe USA often provide technical support to local communities, and government and non-government agencies and institutions. They assist with literacy and education programs in non-dominant language communities, contributing to:

  • Increased awareness of and support for mother tongue-based education.
  • Analysis of languages and development of alphabets and writing systems for minority languages.
  • Training programs, especially for teachers and teacher trainers, in which participants gain knowledge and skills to be effective in their roles.
  • Effective language education in students’ primary languages that also equips them to bridge into other languages.
  • Teaching materials that are built on knowledge of the learners’ cultural heritage.
  • Educational materials and classes that help students gain reading, writing and basic math skills in their own and sometimes other languages, opening doors of opportunity throughout life.
  • Monitoring systems that measure students’ progress, identifying program successes and challenges.

Wycliffe and its affiliates are reaching hundreds of marginalized language groups worldwide. Wycliffe-sponsored efforts provide writing systems for unwritten languages, translate Scripture, and provide literacy training—–opening doors of opportunity and hope!