Christian Service Charities Member Directory

Christian Service Charities’ 90+ member charities represent a collection of the finest, most respected and fiscally accountable Christian ministries in the country. Although the ministries that comprise the membership of CSC are quite varied, there is one thing they all share: the passion to help humanity overcome disease, poverty, and pain, other hardships, all in the name of Christ.

To find more information about our member charities, use the list below. You can also use the search options to narrow the list based on the type of service the charity conducts or by the state in which the charity is located. Christian Service Charities' participating charities are national and international organizations, providing services throughout the country or around the world. All CSC members participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

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Member Charities

Note: Christian Service Charities' members listed here participate through CSC in Federal campaigns pending individual campaign approval.

A Child's Hope Fund
CFC Code: 10978
Fight cancer, chronic diseases, disabilities and hunger through medical and food outreaches and health education, protecting children from illness, poverty, fear, exploitation and sexual abuse.
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Alliance Defending Freedom
CFC Code: 11726
A legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth in the areas of religious liberty, family values, and sanctity of life.
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Amen Foundation, The
CFC Code: 50678
Supports Catholic vocations/ministries, especially for churches of Sub-Saharan Africa. Funds education; supports seminarians, sisters, lay ministers, missionaries who serve people's spiritual, social, economic needs.
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American Bible Society
CFC Code: 10160

We bring God’s Word across barriers of geography, translation, oppression and injustice, empowering the survivors of trauma and injustice across the globe, growing Scripture engagement, and inviting millions to renew their relationship with God's Word.
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American Family Association
CFC Code: 12037
Educates and motivates Christians through radio, video, internet and print to act on issues affecting families. Examples: media indecency, pornography, abortion, entertainment, education, and parenting.
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Association for Christian Conferences, Teaching & Service (ACCTS)
CFC Code: 12038
Military personnel, families, & chaplains from 150+ countries receive Christian leadership training, coaching, counseling, coping with PTSD, mentoring, encouragement, spiritual conferences & events so they can change their nations with Christ’s hope.
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Association of Christian Schools International
CFC Code: 10524
Empowering Christian schools and educators worldwide to provide Christ centered schooling, Pre-K through College, to effectively prepare students for life through transformed thinking and living.
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Association of Gospel Rescue Missions
CFC Code: 10981
Proclaim the passion of Jesus toward hungry, homeless, abused and addicted people; and accelerate quality and effectiveness in member missions through education, training, and resources.
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Awana Clubs International
CFC Code: 12039
Equipping leaders around the world to reach all kids, everywhere, with the hope of the gospel.
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Awana Lifeline Prison Ministries
CFC Code: 96858
Our Ministry believes, every child should have godly fathers and/or mothers to build a legacy of faith in Christ. Our goal is to inspire and equip prison inmate parents to become godly parents, thus leading their respective families in a Biblical manner.
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Baptist World Alliance
CFC Code: 10527
(703)-790-8080 x 171
Cares for the hungry and homeless of the world by providing food, medicine, encouragement, hope. Defends the oppressed, persecuted by promoting human rights, religious freedom.
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CFC Code: 12137
Biblica exists to provide the Bible in contemporary translations and formats so more people around the world will have the opportunity to be transformed by Jesus Christ.NIV® Bible publisher.
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Blessings International
CFC Code: 11864
Saves lives globally and locally by providing medicine, vitamins and urgently needed medical supplies to treat the poor and victims of disease, disaster or war. Heals the hurting, builds healthy communities, transforms lives through the gift of medicine.
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Cadence International
CFC Code: 10528
A Christian ministry transforming U.S. military communities through evangelism, Bible studies, counseling, retreats and hospitality to singles, families, youth and children.
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Campus Crusade's Great Commission Foundation
CFC Code: 12040
Cru Military provides Bibles, faith-based combat trauma resources, Christian leadership training and marriage seminars. Christian Embassy encourages and equips our country's leaders and decision-makers.
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Care Net
CFC Code: 10983
Offering compassion, hope, and help to women and men considering abortion by presenting realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through our life-affirming network.
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Child Abuse Intervention Fund
CFC Code: 11086
Helping abused children by bringing them hope and healing through crisis intervention, personal counseling, support groups, legal aid, medical referrals, education, and a national hotline.
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Child Evangelism Fellowship
CFC Code: 82907
Evangelizing children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through classes and programs including After School Good News Clubs, Summer 5-Day Clubs and Bible Correspondence Lessons.
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Childcare Worldwide
CFC Code: 11728
Providing children with help for today, hope for tomorrow and faith for eternity. We empower children in the developing world through feeding programs, medical care, access to clean water, education and character development – all in Jesus’ name.
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Children's Food Fund/World Emergency Relief
CFC Code: 10984
For 31 years we have delivered food to hungry children, provided medicines for the sick, supplied relief goods to disaster victims and given hope to millions living in poverty. We are committed to improving children’s lives with overhead less than 3%.
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Children's HopeChest
CFC Code: 11729
Provides holistic care to over 20,000 orphans and vulnerable children in eight countries with food, clean water, education, discipleship, job skills, medical, and other needs.
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Children's Hunger Relief Fund
CFC Code: 11730
Saving children's lives! Sharing God's love by providing hot meals, disease-free water, healthcare, medicines, food-growing technology, and Christian education to suffering children worldwide.
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Christian Blind Mission
CFC Code: 12136
Serving people living with blindness, hearing and other physical and intellectual disabilities in the world's poorest countries, through prevention, treatment, education, rehabilitation and economic empowerment.
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Christian Broadcasting Network, The (700 Club)
CFC Code: 11731
Proclaiming the Gospel to millions in 100+ countries through TV/Internet programs, humanitarian outreaches, orphan ministry, medical missions, disaster relief, water wells, and cell churches.
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Christian Leadership Alliance
CFC Code: 60378
Enhances leadership effectiveness of churches and parachurch ministries by uniting, training and equipping them through our array of biblically-based educational products and services.
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Christian Legal Society
CFC Code: 12042
To defend religious freedom and the sanctity of life, provide legal assistance to the poor, and promote conflict resolution through biblical counseling, mediation and arbitration.
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Christian Military Fellowship
CFC Code: 10538
Ministering to America's military and their families worldwide empowering them in their Christian faith, advancing Bible studies, linkups, mentoring, fellowship, resources, personal contact and encouragement.
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Christian Relief Fund
CFC Code: 11862
Fighting hunger and poverty internationally by providing food, medicine, educational support, Christian disaster relief and humanitarian aid to children and families in developing countries.
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Christian Service Charities
CFC Code: 10171
Christian charities you know and trust, working to overcome poverty, hunger, hopelessness, religious persecution, abuse, disease, illiteracy, homelessness, addiction, broken families and separation from God.
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Christian World Outreach
CFC Code: 54232
CWO provides vocational education for women, medical care, food for children, Bible education & hope for people in Haiti and Africa. We are truly the hands & feet of Jesus!
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Club Beyond/Military Community Youth Ministries
CFC Code: 10536
Caring for military families through relational ministry to military teens worldwide. Partnering with Young Life and the local chapel. Where friends, fun and faith connect.
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Convoy of Hope
CFC Code: 11497
A faith-based, nonprofit corporation with a mission "To feed the world and eliminate poverty through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing."
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Engineering Ministries International
CFC Code: 10985
"Designing a World of Hope" - mobilizing engineers, architects, surveyors, and construction managers to design and build Christian hospitals, orphanages, and water facilities for the least reached worldwide. We catalyze ministries to transform communities.
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Family Research Council
CFC Code: 10523
Advancing faith, family, and freedom in government and culture from a Christian worldview.
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Five Talents USA
CFC Code: 10122
Our mission is to fight poverty, create jobs, and transform lives by empowering the poor in developing countries through innovative savings and financial inclusion programs, business training and spiritual development.
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Focus on the Family
CFC Code: 10534
A global multimedia organization defending, encouraging and equipping families through individual counseling and biblically based resources designed to save, strengthen marriages; empower parents to raise healthy, responsible and productive children.
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Food for the Hungry
CFC Code: 11732
A Christian international relief and development organization walking with the poor and disadvantaged to bring an end to physical and spiritual hungers around the world.
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Global Aid Network
CFC Code: 33229
GAiN expresses the love of Jesus Christ in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope.
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Hagar USA Inc.
CFC Code: 39488
Restore broken lives. Give holistic recovery services to survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual exploitation. Heal women and children in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam.
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Healing Waters International
CFC Code: 11738
Reducing water-related illness and death in developing countries by building self-sustaining projects with local churches and partners, making safe drinking water accessible to the poor.
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Heartbeat International
CFC Code: 56626
Reaching and Rescuing as many lives as possible, around the world, through an effective network of life-affirming pregnancy help to Renew communities for LIFE. Offering life-saving help and hope to women facing unexpected pregnancy through
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Home School Foundation
CFC Code: 10535
Financial assistance and curriculum relief to struggling home school families. We invest in widows, single parents, special needs children, and military families. Give. Volunteer. Pray.
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International Justice Mission
CFC Code: 85320
IJM protects the poor from violence by rescuing victims, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors, and helping local law enforcement build a safe future that lasts.
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CFC Code: 11739
500 million people—most in remote and difficult locations—have no Scripture in a language they fully comprehend. We’re here to do something about that ... by supporting translation projects worldwide with transportation, technology, media, and training.
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Joy To The World Foundation
CFC Code: 36480
We are a nonprofit tax-exempt public charity organized and operating under the laws of Colorado for the purpose of helping individuals accomplish their charitable objectives in religious, educational, scientific, benevolent and health related activities.
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Kids Around the World
CFC Code: 32629
Kids Around the World’s mission is to impact the lives of kids with God’s transforming hope through our play, feed, and train model.
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Kids for the Kingdom
CFC Code: 11733
Equip and empower disadvantaged children worldwide to transform their nation for Christ through feeding programs, orphanages, water wells, schools, emergency aid, Bible clubs, and evangelism.
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Kinship United (Warm Blankets Orphan Care International)
CFC Code: 11273
Help transform the lives of children left behind on the battlefields of good and evil. Indigenous pastors and communities provide love, care, and futures.
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MAMA Project, Inc.
CFC Code: 93403
Advocates for malnourished children. Promotes and educates about healthy living and use of micronutrients. Brings medical and dental care to poor villages of Honduras. Networks and trains other organizations around world in Child Survival Programs.
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MANNA Worldwide
CFC Code: 27809
MANNA Worldwide is committed to addressing the nutritional, educational, and spiritual needs of children and their families worldwide regardless of gender, nationality, or religion.
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Mercy Ships
CFC Code: 94744
Delivers free world-class healthcare to some of the world's poorest nations while training local surgeons and medical workers, increasing developing African nations' healthcare capacity.
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Mexican Medical
CFC Code: 12045
Providing hope for the poor--sharing God's love through medical, dental, and surgical care, and community health programs utilizing Christian medical teams and other volunteers.
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Mission Aviation Fellowship
CFC Code: 10989
Christian, humanitarian organization using aviation, communications, and education technologies to bring the Gospel, medical care, and other life-sustaining services to isolated areas of the world.
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Mission to Children
CFC Code: 11922
Every child needs unconditional love, character to pursue God-given potential, and the joy of becoming a disciple who disciples others. We demonstrate God’s love to children by caring for their practical needs; preparing them to share God’s love as adults.
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Moody Bible Institute
CFC Code: 11734
Moody offers seminary & tuition-paid undergraduate Bible-based education on campus and online. Commercial-free broadcasting, missionary aviation training, and publishing are also ministries your donations support.
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Navigators, The
CFC Code: 11087
Provides a spiritual presence on military bases alongside chaplains, and brings hope to military personnel and their families through meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ.
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Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc.
CFC Code: 11735
Challenged by faith to end poverty. Promotes long-term solutions to poverty through training, gifts-in-kind, economic and community development; also responds to disasters.
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Officers' Christian Fellowship
CFC Code: 10531
Christian military leaders unite for fellowship, ministering and leading throughout the military society. OCF’s two conference centers offer military men, women and families, spiritual fitness, fellowship, leadership training & a variety of other programs.
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CFC Code: 1232156

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Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corp.
CFC Code: 10530
Dedicated to alleviating human need and suffering throughout the world through hunger relief, clean water, medical aid, disaster relief and community development programs since 1978.
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Operation Mobilization USA
CFC Code: 84158
We live in the remote corners and the city-centers. We feed the hungry and heal the sick. We are Missionaries.
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Operation Restored Warrior Project (New Horizons Foundation)
CFC Code: 75511
Healing veterans of PTSD through a life-changing five day program at no cost to the veteran. Led by combat veterans. 100% effective!
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Our Daily Bread
CFC Code: 45964
Our Daily Bread Ministries purpose is to make Our Daily Bread and other Bible-based materials available to as many people as possible at no charge through print ministry, radio broadcasting and the Internet.
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Potter's House Association International
CFC Code: 30896
We seek to Develop, Empower and Multiply lives of at risk children in Guatemala to transform their families and communities, providing education, health, microenterprise opportunities, family and community development.
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Prison Fellowship
CFC Code: 11272
Shares the Gospel with prisoners nationwide, equips wardens with transformational leadership skills, helps ex-prisoners successfully reenter society, advocates for criminal justice reform and supports prisoners’ children and families. Founder Chuck Colson.
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Promise Keepers
CFC Code: 11736
Christ-centered ministry that ignites and unites men to be warriors who will transform their world through living out the Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper.
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Robert Morrison Project
CFC Code: 22641
We are dedicated to publishing reformed Christian literature in China and other Asian countries. Our aim is to publish books in areas of the world where the church faces great hardship and often has no access to quality literature.
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Samaritan's Purse
CFC Code: 10532
Christian relief agency, led by Franklin Graham, providing food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and other emergency assistance to victims of war, poverty, disease, and natural disasters.
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Scripture Union
CFC Code: 10346
Our vision is to help people of all ages meet God daily in the Bible and prayer, and grow in faith and service to Christ.
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Tent Schools International (Worldwide Christian Schools)
CFC Code: 11740
Tent Schools International serves to provide safe, compassionate tent schools for refugees and displaced children with resources such as tech skill training and teacher aids.
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The Society of St. Andrew
CFC Code: 12046
Providing nutritious food to people in need throughout the US. Our gleaning programs save good produce from going to waste for donation to hunger-relief agencies. Each year, 40,000 volunteers gather remaining food after harvest for their hungry neighbors.
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The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc
CFC Code: 10993
Serving over 4 million persecuted Christians in 68 nations by empowering, equipping, rebuilding and encouraging; bringing Christ's hope through Bibles, medicines, shelter, training and aid.
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Trans World Radio
CFC Code: 10084
Life changing help and hope for men, women, children, through broadcasting Biblically-based programming, and follow-up, in 230 languages to listeners in over 160 countries.
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Unbound (Formerly Christian Foundation for Children and Aging)
CFC Code: 12041
Unbound empowers children in poverty to pave a pathway to their dreams through education. We partner with their families to create a more promising future.
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Water Mission
CFC Code: 11001
We are committed to providing customized water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) initiatives to meet the needs of individual communities, either those in a disaster/emergency situation or those lacking access to safe water and sanitation.
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World Concern-A Division of CRISTA Ministries
CFC Code: 11386
World Concern is a global relief and development agency that focuses on disaster response, clean water, education, food security, child protection, microfinance, and health.
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Wycliffe Bible Translators
CFC Code: 11737
Millions of people are without Scripture or literacy skills in their own language. WYCLIFFE translates the Bible into minority languages and teaches literacy classes, worldwide.
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Young Life
CFC Code: 10515
Reaching and empowering disabled, pregnant, urban, rural, international and at-risk youth. Volunteer leaders mentor and tutor teens towards developing life skills and embracing Christianity.
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